How To Stop Arguing In Your Relationship

Published: 15th December 2008
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In a relationship when their is a constant communication barrier
its hard to break the ice. We want to keep the relationship alive,
by trying to fight the battles. When the two of them don't even know
what the battle is about in the first place. When your arguing with
your partner its like you want your voice to be heard. Where you think that they aren't listening to you. Then they start yelling and you stop your carrying on, wanting to hear their words. You want to be able to say time out. We need a time out we need to take a look at
this and where it is going.

Where fighting can become apart of the relationship. It can be
a hard habit to break; almost like a routine. Where you want to hear
the other one argue. You almost wait in anxious anticipation just so
you can make up. When the arguing becomes heated you've got to take
a deep breath. You've got to sit down try to rationalize and see where things went wrong. You've got find out what started it all in the first place. Where the both of you go around blaming the other, and no one is really seeing the big picture.

You need to take the time to listen to your partner where you
will allow the communication barrier to come through. The two of
you need to address the issue. Where you need to lay out all your
cards on the table. Then you will know where each other stands,
and you'll know what is real and what actually is going on. Where
you know that the arguing is hurting not helping each other. There
is lack of communication, physically along with emotionally. There
is lack of touching, of consoling, of loving, only yelling, verbal
backlashes. You need to vent out on the person closest to you. We
hurt the ones that we are the most closest to, not intentionally but
it usually ends up that way.

Where we shouldn't suppress our anger or hold onto it, because
it will become like a sore spot. It will only get worse before it
gets better. If we want to take our anger out on something, we should
get a punching bag or punch a pillow. You need to try to abstain
from getting angry at your partner. Where anger is like anything else
it can make you explode like fireworks on the fourth of July. Then
its not only you that explodes, your partner also. Before the both
of you know it your like two pit bulls matching down with each other.
These are a few ways to stop arguing with your partner.

1) Sit down, be rational, try to talk respectively have
open communication
2) Choose not to fight, choose to find out the root of
the problem
3) You need to treat yourselves both better, by having
some alone time.

You've got to get to the solution of the arguing. Its not
a good way to communicate if the flow isn't there. In fact it
only sets up road block you can't break through. Then before
you know it your leading separate lives. Your living in one
room and he's living in another. Where the both you are miserable.
You don't want to be that way with each other. Where you want to
be a better, more happier way. You want your world to be right with each other. This wasn't the picture you planted for yourself. Then what do you expect with so much fighting going on? Where getting angry isn't good for your system.It only sends your blood pressure plummeting up.

You know that it isn't worth the aggravation, but its like
a power struggle with the two of you. Where both of you want to
be in control on top. Where one wants to have power over the
other. When you love someone you want to be able to feel the
closeness, share the love. You don't want to distance it by
arguing. Where you know that arguing won't get you very far,
only in the guest bedroom! Which is what we are trying to
prevent from taking place. By doing that we need to maintain
a common ground, keep the lines of communication open. We need
to be alert, aware, and know what is going on at all times. Where
we want to be able to live a happy and free of fighting lifestyle
with our partner.

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